Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Teddy and me are finnished!

So ive finally finished my Ted Baker project, and even though its only been two days, it feels like about two years! I actually prefered working on the extra parts of the project rather than the window display and I think this shows in my final designs. I didnt realise how hard it would be  to design a shop front. But its done now so, moving onto the next!

Silence is finnished!

Monday, Lucy's workshop, and I had decided that I was not leaving the building until my silence book was finished, and it is! One thing that was ticked of the list. Im really pleased with the outcome of the book and Id love to make more next term. 

For this project I wanted to create a sort of confessional of all the thoughts that would run around in my head when I was silent that I didn't want to have. I wanted to create a space for all these unwanted 'silent' thoughts. After juggling around a few ideas of boxes etc. I thought that the best format would be a throw out book because of the unfolding value, which I felt linked with my concept. I hope that the book conveys my message well.   

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.

Ok, so its 1 day left and im still to design my window display for Ted Baker, at least ive managed to complete the window sticker to go on the front! I have a lot more work to do to complete the project but im sure ill get it done! Im hoping my design for the sticker will inspire me to think up something relatively awesome :s well see!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tea with Ted?

Among everything else I still have to do, I need to start designing my Ted Baker window display. After asking a lot of people about what they felt Britishness was, I noticed that a lot brought up tea. A very similar subject to my Fedrigoni brief, but something that has some oppurtunities. Not sure where this project will end up going, I just know I have to hurry up! only 7 days to go...... O god!

Drink Tea, Eat Cake, Talk Paper...

Soo, its nearly deadline time, and I am officially panicked! Trying to make up for doing virtually no work in this first term, I have not stopped alll day, I think I’ve nearly got there with my Fedrigoni paper brief. As I’ve mentioned before I wanted to hold a tea party at Fedrigoni’s London showroom, working on the idea that Designers enjoy tea, and everyone enjoys cupcakes! I set about making paper cupcakes tea cups and enough flowers to cover my post design and art direction death bed! I set up a little photo shoot in my conservatory and here are a few of the pictures I took. To support these photographs I wanted to make an invitation that I would cut out using the laser cutting machine at uni.....
Close up...

For my Invitation I started trying to get together designs that may work involving cupcakes and tea pots, and the just weren’t busy enough, so I started using the text I had planned to put in my invitation as the basis of the design. I’m really chuffed with the final design I just hope that it cuts out on the laser cutting machine tomorrow, If not I will use it as part of a poster or maybe a full poster... Wish me luck!