Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Stamp Project progress...

So, this is where im up to with the Stamp brief set by RSA. I thought I prefered the coloured version of the stamps but when I printed, I enjoyed the simple line drawings. Need to add text still, but if you guys have got any preferances then leme know, Im still undecided! 

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Have a mission...

I got the chance to have a chat with Johnny Hardstaff and Ian Anderson about my portfolio, where I should be going next and how I can be developing my skills in presentation. I will start with Johnny as he was lovely! After our group chat with him I came out feeling confident and motivated (If not a little upset he squashed my dream of owning a gift shop next to the sea!), it was nice to hear someone say something nice about my work, I wish that all the tutors could use this technique of motivation rather than the scare tactic....

Ian Anderson used the scare tactic! I left the room feeling sick, and ready for a big piece of cake! What Ian had to say was really useful, however I’m not sure I feel I could ever approach him for a job, It would be at my own risk!

Ian’s top tips for a great portfolio were really useful...

Don’t have things in your Portfolio that your not going to talk about.

When your talking about your work, explain the brief, using key points.

Script all the projects in your portfolio so you are ready for interview.

Think about putting things in your portfolio that are actual size.

Have 5 projects in your portfolio, the first should be the attention grabber, the second should be something that is commercially led, The third is your biggest project, the fourth should be the interpretive project, the one that shows graphic exploration of ideas, and the fifth and final project should be the most memorable project, the project that is going to make the interviewer remember you. 

Easter Treats fundraiser...


So, On Tuesday, Molly, Isobel, Kat and myself held an easter fundraiser in the Holden Gallery. Loving a great baking session I made cornflake cakes and chocolate frosted cupcakes complete with tiny chicks! I also tried my hand at Easter cards and little Easter gifts. 
All in all we had a lovely day and got some great feedback, along with £121.00 towards our final degree show.

Didnt we do well girlies!

Fashion Faux Pas...

Ive just completed this project for the dont panic 'Resistance' brief.
The brief asked us to represent the word resistance in a single or series of posters. I decided to move away from the obvious and experiment with fashion faux pas and the idea of people resisting againgst fashion rules and regulations. I think/hope that the posters work well in a group although the Tartan poster may need a bit of work, or cutting out completly!

Morag Myerscough...

Sooo, what seems like a long while ago, successful designer Morag Myerscough came to visit and have a chat to us about her business and how she got to where she’s got today. Without sounding sexist, it was really refreshing to have a woman come in and chat to us, the business seems to be overrun with men so it was nice to see a woman, who’s made her name in the business. 

Morag did chat for a quite a while but it was interesting to hear all about her adventures and projects that she had worked on. I was particularly interested in the Deptford project which can be seen below, and the London Born, London bred poster. Morag mentioned in the lecture that she was very hands on, and liked to paint everything herself, being a perfectionist myself and somewhat of a computer phobe I related. 

Morag seems to primarily be an exhibition and space designer, working in schools, and galleries. This is something I have been interested in, and Morag’s insights were  interesting. 

Morag opened her first studio in 1993, and has been working alone for some time. she has worked on exhibitions including the Well Fashioned exhibition, Phillip Baines, and most memorably, the Alan Aldridge Exhibition. Her insights into space colour, detail and sound made me think further into the projects that I am ding, in particular my collections project. I think that a lot of the traits required for a successful exhibition can be transfered to the collation of collections. 

Overall I thought Morag’s lecture was really useful. She is obviously a highly successful business  woman and a definite inspiration.


The Deptford Project

Monday, 8 March 2010