Thursday, 18 March 2010

Have a mission...

I got the chance to have a chat with Johnny Hardstaff and Ian Anderson about my portfolio, where I should be going next and how I can be developing my skills in presentation. I will start with Johnny as he was lovely! After our group chat with him I came out feeling confident and motivated (If not a little upset he squashed my dream of owning a gift shop next to the sea!), it was nice to hear someone say something nice about my work, I wish that all the tutors could use this technique of motivation rather than the scare tactic....

Ian Anderson used the scare tactic! I left the room feeling sick, and ready for a big piece of cake! What Ian had to say was really useful, however I’m not sure I feel I could ever approach him for a job, It would be at my own risk!

Ian’s top tips for a great portfolio were really useful...

Don’t have things in your Portfolio that your not going to talk about.

When your talking about your work, explain the brief, using key points.

Script all the projects in your portfolio so you are ready for interview.

Think about putting things in your portfolio that are actual size.

Have 5 projects in your portfolio, the first should be the attention grabber, the second should be something that is commercially led, The third is your biggest project, the fourth should be the interpretive project, the one that shows graphic exploration of ideas, and the fifth and final project should be the most memorable project, the project that is going to make the interviewer remember you. 

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