Thursday, 18 March 2010

Morag Myerscough...

Sooo, what seems like a long while ago, successful designer Morag Myerscough came to visit and have a chat to us about her business and how she got to where she’s got today. Without sounding sexist, it was really refreshing to have a woman come in and chat to us, the business seems to be overrun with men so it was nice to see a woman, who’s made her name in the business. 

Morag did chat for a quite a while but it was interesting to hear all about her adventures and projects that she had worked on. I was particularly interested in the Deptford project which can be seen below, and the London Born, London bred poster. Morag mentioned in the lecture that she was very hands on, and liked to paint everything herself, being a perfectionist myself and somewhat of a computer phobe I related. 

Morag seems to primarily be an exhibition and space designer, working in schools, and galleries. This is something I have been interested in, and Morag’s insights were  interesting. 

Morag opened her first studio in 1993, and has been working alone for some time. she has worked on exhibitions including the Well Fashioned exhibition, Phillip Baines, and most memorably, the Alan Aldridge Exhibition. Her insights into space colour, detail and sound made me think further into the projects that I am ding, in particular my collections project. I think that a lot of the traits required for a successful exhibition can be transfered to the collation of collections. 

Overall I thought Morag’s lecture was really useful. She is obviously a highly successful business  woman and a definite inspiration.


The Deptford Project

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