Thursday, 26 November 2009

Archiving place and time.

Wowzers, its been a while since I blogged so I hope im not too rusty! This week as I was walking through the Holden Gallery I noticed that there was an interesting exhibition on, about contemporary art practice in Northern Ireland since the Belfast agreement. Although I dont know alot about this subject I found the work quite thought provoking and shallow as it may sound, visually nice to look at. Among my favourite pieces in the small exhibition was this piece of work... 

Im pretty sure that this piece is by Rita Duffy (My photographs seem to have jumbled!) I was drawn to this piece because it did remind me of Tracey Emins work. This little 'houses' were set up along a long white piece of wood. There were all different shapes and sizes. I’m not quite sure on the reasoning behind the piece because there was any accompanying text, but I was just drawn to it.

These two pieces of work were by an artist called Conor McGrady. My favourite was the bottom piece with the two men looking for something in the water, It is called Silent Forest, and is Guache on paper. What I love about this piece, is it looks really complicated the way it is created but if you look closely its just deep black paint and then water of the top so the line bleeds in lighter shades of grey and black. I found it intriguing to be introduced to a new way of creating  images.

I would definatly recommend a visit to this exhibition if your passing. It was interesting to look at work that had a deep concept and aesthetic. The paintings, photographs, sculptures and paintings were by real people showing there interpretation of a real subject. The only thing I would say, is that I think it needed some sort of exhibition guide or leaflet as some people probably wouldn't understand the meaning behind the connotations of the Belfast agreement (i.e. me) But overall its good to go and see, even if its only for the machine gun made of chocolate!

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