Thursday, 26 November 2009

You are invited to the marriage of text and Image.

I am very lucky to be chosen to attend Lucy May Schofield's once a week tutorial sessions. Friday was our first meeting and It was so helpful. Lucy showed us homemade books that she had made and others she had collected on the way. We first of all went around the class and talked about our silence project and how we wanted to further that project using skills in the bindery. It was good to talk to new people about this brief which seems to be haunting me. She gave us some useful advice about the connection between form and content and how they must relate. What is going on the inside of the publication must relate to what is presented on the outside. The book as Lucy sees it is something that should be a piece in itself not simply something that documents something else. After a visit to the special collections library and a lesson in French and pamphlet stitch I think I am ready to start creating work on my Silence project. I hope to in someway create a sort of confessional, where silent thoughts can be kept and stored.

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