Monday, 8 February 2010

66% of all businesses fail in the first three years...

Last Friday I went to the lecture on starting your own business. After being on the “design and art direction” course for the past three years I have come to realise I definitely, under no circumstances want to become a ‘graphic designer’ its just not me. Although I am really interested in design and everything about I have realised Im just not the sort of person who can be told what to do especially in such a pressurised office environment. I feel that the only way to work in the area of art and design but avoid the stress of producing work that suits somebody else, I will probably have to freelance. I have always wanted to have my own business and I was glad this lecture was available to go to.

Jan Moore from the careers and employability service came to talk to us about aspects of being self employed that would need to be thought about and planned. Although a lot of the talk was pretty much common sense, there were some points that I definatly need to think about. I think that I do have some of the important traits of becoming a successful freelancer but I do need to work on some aspects of my personality to have a better chance of success. 

Rather than scaring me this lecture really made me think about the possibilities but also the downfalls of starting your own business. Although I don’t feel like I could start up on my own straight after graduation I do feel it is something I would like to pursue later on, when I feel I am stable financially. 

All I need to do now is...

Find my style

Motivate myself

Learn about copyrighting

Plan my successful money making machine of a business!!

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