Thursday, 11 February 2010

Urbis has left the building...

I cant believe URBIS is over, finito! I’ve always loved going to visit the exhibitions at the URBIS, but for no more! Isobel, molly and I went to visit the exhibition commemorating the best exhibitions in the 6 years its been up and running (I thought it was longer than that too!) Although it was nice to be reminded of all the different exhibitions and talented artists and designers that have exhibited there, I was a bit disappointed in the actual work on show It was simply the posters from all the popular shows. I was drawn to the urban gardening poster because I love the use of type and image and the way its still looks raw and organic. Another poster that struck me was the Matthew Williamson poster which I have at home and goes nicely on my wall!!

Being a hoarder of anything that takes my fancy I was drawn to this interactive piece called The tiny traveling treasury. Not sure why, but it reminded me of cabinets of curiosity, which I studied on my BTEC at college, and I loved the little trinkets, drawers and pots.

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