Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Emily forgot...

Yesterday, Emily Alston, a lovely, artist/illustrator/graphic designer came into chat to us about her work. Although I am still unsure quite how she produces her work it was really nice to see her pieces and the thought processes she goes through. She showed us a few slides of where she got her inspiration from which included work by Alan Aldridge and A. M. Cassandra, and then later in the lecture she showed off commissioned pieces and then personal pieces.

Her work is really modern in its approach and tries to bridge the gap between graphic design and illustration. She did mention how she preferred the approaches of graphic design rather than illustration as she felt that concepts behind work were more her thing.

Emily has done work for some really big companies and I am really inspired by her success. She has completed work for the likes of Addidas, Creative Review and twice for Selfridges. I’ve mentioned before how it is refreshing to see successful female designers and this was no exception. 

I realy wanna know how to transfer images on to plates!!!!

^Love this piece ^

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