Wednesday, 28 April 2010

show your mum...

Russell Hancock, a young designer, came into University to talk to us about his work, freelancing and being self employed. I found his talk so so useful. As some people know, I am interested in ‘going it alone’, and I have of late been debating with myself about the sort of money you charge people. Russell summed my feelings up by saying, he used to feel bad about charging people. How can I charge people money for something that I find really interesting and fun? He said to put this aside and assess the work we are doing for free and work that we are charging for. 

Russell’s work was really good stuff and it seemed that his passion for the subject had got him return work and a string off clients. I really related to Russell as he brought up some interesting topics, such as ‘showing your mum’. I don’t know about anyone else but when I show some of my work to my mum, I get a polite smile, then o yes thats lovely, and then a couple of minutes later, ‘I don’t get it’ *blank face* So frustrating but in some ways helpful, in that she’s the sort of person that will be seeing my work, and if my mum doesn't get it, there’s not much hope for everyone else. 

At the end of the lecture Russell gave us some really useful tips, on pricing jobs, terms and conditions, Fee proposals and signoffs. Along with some more really useful information I feel more confident in starting up on my own and the sort of prices I could be charging. Russell had an air of presence that worked well as university talk and the information passed on was integral to people like me who intend to work for themselves. This lecture taught me a lot and I would now feel confident in going out to the big wide world.

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