Tuesday, 6 April 2010


The other day, Marisa from top printing company, Push-Print came in to talk to us about print specs and the ins and outs of sending a job to professional print. 

She brought loads of examples for us too look at and it was really inspiring to see the different ways of printing, embossing and finishing. I’ve definatly picked up some ideas for my journal!

Marisa, gave us some good paper merchants to research and some top tips on writing a print spec. Although I found it quite complicated, id feel more confident in sending a job to print, just need to remember these things...

  • Give the job a title
  • How big is the job, (give in mils and then an A size)
  • How is it to be printed?
  • What stock do I want used
  • A four page cover is needed and a 32 page text
  • Colours?
  • Any specials, ie. laminates, perforations, die cuts etc.
  • Finnishing, ie. binding style (Perfect binding, exposed, side sewn etc.)
  • Delivery address
  • Quantity

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