Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The finest cupcake! 
(Magnolia Bakery = Heaven)

For my 21st birthday I got the best present, a trip to the greatest city in the world, New York! I was in New York for about four days and found that it really is the city that never sleeps, unfortunately I had too, with jet lag and all! The trip was a real learning curve and I saw some of the best views, images and architecture I have ever seen in my life, not too mention the department stores and cupcakes! By far my favourite part was central park, closely followed by the rockafella centre. The views were amazing. Something that really inspired me for this years work, particularly my dissertation, was the window displays I saw in New York. They really are works of art. You can tell a lot of time, money and effort has been put into making the displays and a walk down 5th avenue is like a walk through an art exhibition, unfortunately my camera failed me on most of my attempts to photograph these mini works of art I still have the memory. It has definatly made me want to look further into visual merchandising. Before I visited New York I was obsessed with the photography I had seen on New York, But while I was there I could see where the inspiration came from, with every step I took there was a photographic opportunity and in around the four days I was there I took about 2000 photographs! This trip has encouraged me to  look at things more, and too look further at the things I see around me. It has opened my eyes to the different areas that graphic design and the art industry applies itself. It has made me want to see more places in the world, and I hope to do this, this year. I can wait :) 

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