Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Today we were given our new project at uni. The subject silence. 
To get us going on the project each tutor gave us a little talk on their ideas of the concept silence and showed images and thoughts that my get our creative juices flowing. The lecture was so so helpful as it gave us a clear idea of what they wanted. Normally at the beginning of a project I feel totally lost and don't know where to start but I feel I have a starting point to brainstorm and a few images that can start me off. I feel reassured that I can work in my own way and interpret the word silence in my own way.

Liz showed a number of images and I particularly liked the images by photographer Rodney Smith. Its good to learn about new and exciting designers artists and photographers who can inspire me in my final year. 

I will be posting some Photographs that I have taken soon, that I think will start me on my project.

Rodney Smith

Cadillac Ranch, Route 66, USA.

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