Thursday, 24 September 2009

MMU Degree show 2009.

Beverley Griffiths

Lucy Meacham

This years MMU design and art direction exhibition really disappointed me, it wasn't the work that was being shown which I actually really liked but the way everything was presented. The exhibition in itself was disjointed and I felt my self walking backwards and forwards trying to get myself to the next part of the exhibit. The show felt like it had been thrown together last minute and the overall presentation didn't feel professional at all. I hope that this year we will be able to produce a better show, that really showcases our work better and sets us in good stead for the design industry. 
Someones work who I particularly liked and stood out to me was the work of Lucy Meacham. A lot of her work has similarities to mine, her work looks effortless, yet still manages to stick to a continual high standard something I would like to mirror in my final year. 
Another group of work was that of Beverley Griffiths, who had hand drawn very decorative text in a piece of worked titled 'make and mend'. It showed patience and discipline, and overall was really successful. 


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