Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bridget Riley.

'Ecclesia' 1985.

'Movement in squares' 1961.

Preperation work

Bridget Riley in her studio.

Bridget Riley studio.

This major exhibition tracks the career of Bridget Riley, from her exciting beginnings in the early 1960s to the ambitious and powerful works of recent years.

Riley’s distinctive and optically vibrant paintings generate extraordinary sensations of movement, light and space. The exhibition includes eight large scale paintings, with four coming from Riley’s personal collection. Alongside these are around 30 drawings and studies that illuminate her working methods over her five-decade-long-career.

A seminal work in the show is 'Movement in Squares', which was purchased by the Arts Council collection in 1962, the year after it was made. Consistently exhibited in retrospectives of her work, she credits the work as the beginning of her breakthrough into abstraction.

'Do not enter if you suffer from migraines or motion sickness' 

This is what you see before you enter the exhibition, and I thought o'god! 

This exhibition WILL give you a headache and maybe even make you feel slightly 'quesy'! 

I have been aware of Bridget Rileys work for many years now and used her as inspiration in some of my work at college. But this has been my first oppurtunity to see it in person, and the experiance leaves you with a new opinion of the work. Originally I just had a shallow view of her work and my opinion just lay with colour and placement, but when you see them in person on such a huge scale, you cant help but think theres so much more to it than that. To have a physical effect on you is certainly something!

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