Thursday, 22 October 2009

Nicola Rowlands.

Nicola Rowlands was producing and selling prints while in her third year. Maybe I should get going! 

Nicola Rowlands from last years third year came into talk to us about her work, her last year at uni, placements and general top tips for getting by as a third year! I found her work amazing and her attitude towards getting placements and doing well in the industry really inspiring. She spoke about how she would advise people on getting by with a number of really good points (attached to pretty funny images!) Being confident in what you do was top on the list and something I could do with working on. You could tell that she was confident in her work and it really showed. Next...
- Be nice to your teachers.
- Write genuine letters to possible work placements. I havent as yet emailed or written to any design agencies for work placements, im too scared to put pen to paper I dont know how im going to physically cmmunicate with a scary graphic designer!
- Go out on a limb.
- You dont have to be wacky to get noticed. Thank god, I have to be the least wackiest person!
- Make it easier for people to see your work. Make a blog and or a website. So ive got the blog up and running, next job the website.
- Be open to everything.
- Be upbeat.
- Always make tea.
- Ask questions.
- Try to blend into placement environment, act like you belong there.
- Read the news, be aware of what is going on in the world. 
- Be yourself.
- Keep in touch with people at placement.

After the lecture I decided to go on Nicolas website and blog. Her blog was really interesting (and a little scary) to look at. It was just a total log of everything she liked, had found inspiration from, had produced or was in the middle of producing. It was fun to read and the pictures she had uploaded were brilliant. It was a bit scary how much experiance she had gained while in her third year. The pace is already getting to me, I dont know how she managed to fit it all in. I hope to take on Nicolas tips and organise my third year in a similar way. 
Make something cool everyday (If I cant do that il at least try to find something cool everyday!)

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  1. Thanks for the nice words. Hope you're doing well! x x