Friday, 30 October 2009

Scary Review!

Today ive had my Autumn term review. It turned into another council Gemma session, which was abit embarassing but I do feel a bit calmer in my thought process even if I am still bloody confused. 
I was given some useful feedback in terms of what I should be doing next. I definatly need to have a clear concept of what im trying to achieve with this project. I am going to start writing down what I want to achieve and produce, how I want it too look and the message I am trying to communicate, That  will be my plan of action.
Ive been really struggling with this silence prject and I just dont seem to be getting anywhere, so it was made clear to me that I need to sit back and think. What am I passionate about? What do I want to create?
Clinton made a really good comment which I think will really help me move on in the project...

What do I want to make today?

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