Friday, 30 October 2009

Make it exciting, Dont be boring....

Libby Scarlett.

Libby was a student from Manchester Metropolitan who graduated last year with a degree in Design and art direction. She came too talk to us about her journal. Libby was highly marked on her journal and I can see why. It was beautifully made in a bounded box, encasing cards which housed the different aspects of her third year, required for the journal section of the year. Mack had mentioned that we don’t get any extra marks for doing a gorgeous hand crafted journals but I agree with Libby when she said that if you are going to make something that is about yourself and personal to you and your experience of third year, why not spend a little extra time and make it something that you can keep or even use as part of your portfolio. One of Libby's comments was too make the journal interesting and not boring, and to do it as you go along, which I am trying to do at the moment!!

I was getting worried about the evaluative writing on the lecture series as a few times in previous years I haven't been that impressed by the designers work shown or it just didn't match the work that I would normally be interested in, but Libby mentioned that you should always find something to take from the lesson. 

It is clear that its important to have a cultural mix in our journals so I think I need to travel more, watch and review more films and definatly venture outside of my 'box'.

Libby's lovely journal.

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