Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I have finally done the kino4 project and it feels like weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The process wasnt as scary as id expected, and I probrably shouldnt have left it as late as I did. 
I decided to give myself a days limit to start and finish the project and I felt the pressure worked well for me. I wish I could do all my projects in this way! Id done research into the films in the summer and watched a couple of the films (Stalker and mirror). I decided that I wanted the posters to be informative and describe the different genres within the film so people could decide whether they would enjoy the film and ultimatly go and watch it. I started by listing all the types of films, i.e. comedy, horror, romance and thought of colours that I felt linked together.  I wanted there to be a key and the image to work as a sort of graph. The line in the middle stands for the conventional sort of film... so the closer the coloured squares are to the line the closer they are to genre boundaries. As the sqaures move away from the line they dont conventionally fit that genre but do in some way. Im really pleased with the posters as they pose a porpose. I think the only issue is that if I was to design more posters using this idea theyd look a little boring and too much of the same. If I was too design more andI have to utilise the idea but create something that looks different to whats allready been seen.

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