Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I have been really struggling with the silence project. I wanted to do some illustration work based on the photographs I took of trees, and I also wanted to incorperate text. I had the idea of making it seem as if the text was the light coming through the trees. I started by drawing on different pieces of tracing paper, and layered them up to create a 'succesfull' pattern. I was really worried about how it looked in the beginning but it had taken so long I was determined to complete it! I took inspiration from some of Si Scotts work. 
Ive created two versions of the piece one which is just a simple line drawing and one which you can see (above) is coloured in. Im not to sure how I could take this further within the project so I am just going to put it to one side as a creative experimentation. 

After a seminar with Mack I have been given some inspiration on how I can think more concetually and give my project some meaning. Ive been suffering really badly with 'Artists block' and I have been encouraged to work around ths subject. I want to work with the idea that when you are silent, it is the noisiest time within your head, and I find that when I cant produce succesfull pieces of design my head is full of negative thoughts. 

I am now starting to make altered books and collages, bringing in concrete poems to further this project. Im sure il be blogging my progress soon! 

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