Thursday, 15 October 2009


I have been spending alot of time thinking about the 'silence' brief, mainly brainstorming about how i can think more conceptually about the word silence and what it means. To inspire myself a little further I decided to play around with the images I had taken. 

This photograph was taken at Chester. The original looked a bit washed out and it didnt have much power behind it. I think the image looks more like sience now and shows that silence may have a story to tell which is a strapline I will be using in furthering my work in this project.

All of these photographs were taken in Whitworth park, I felt they needed something a little extra. I made the images black and white and tried to make the contrast more obvious. I am going to start experimenting with illustration based on these photogarphs in this project. Leading onto a book making. Ive always been interested in these subjects and I think it is a good way for me to encourage creativity in my work, and to take the project further.

Silence has a story to tell.

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