Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Stephen Shakeshaft.

"Markets are great locations to capture candid photographs. Paddy's on Great Homer Street was a place of Liverpool enterprise, unequalled in the High Street. A suit for 2/6d and a joke and a laugh for nothing. Cilla Black's mother was selling clothes and this merchant sailor bagged a bargain."

"1983 and the streets on the hill in front of the Cathedral were all cobbled and the steps snowy white, scrubbed daily. The terraced houses stretched to the huge doors of the Cathedral, and the inhabitants formed a real community around the splendid architecture of the great church.

Betty lived there and when they decided to demolish the houses she stood firm, or sat firm, taking her sun chair and banner. She didn't wish to leave the community she had grown up in."

"Forget the Trevi Fountain. No adventure playground, no leisure centre, no wood to play in - just the cool water was enough."

Stephen Shakeshaft, former picture editor and chief photographer of the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo, is renowned for his remarkable and varied studies of people including rich and poor, unknown and famous.

This exhibition features about 70 of his photographs including unpublished gems alongside award-winning images amassed since the 1960s over decades of great social change.

I thought this exhibition was brilliant. I love looking at pictures of real people in real situations and the way hey have been shot gives them so much more them that. it sets the image up for a narrative. I particularly love that the images were in black and white and show liverpool through the times. Ther were qoutes written on the wall which were really inspiring. 

"It is a case of looking left and right and not just straight ahead."

"I believe you can find a picture anywhere if you are looking properly."

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